Dreaming of Teeth


How often do you remember your dreams? For some, it isn’t all that common. And for others, they tend to only remember bits and pieces occasionally. But, one thing is for sure – if you dream about your teeth falling out, you aren’t likely to forget it.

Whether you are concerned about your teeth’s health or not, you are bound to dream about a tooth falling out, or maybe several teeth, at some point in your life.

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What do teeth dreams mean?

There are quite a few interpretations regarding tooth dreams. Here are ten different interpretations, both positive and negative.

  1. Growing up: It can be an exciting part of life. Transitioning into a new stage of life can also be scary. Sometimes you have to lose something in order to reach the next chapter of life. Whether you are leaving a relationship, changing jobs, moving to a new home, or even changing your outlook on life can be symbolized by the loss of a tooth. Out with the old…because you have to make room for the new!
  2. Insecure: Losing a tooth can often represent vulnerability or insecurity that has occurred because of recent events. Life changes are big changes that you may not feel entirely certain about. This uncertainty makes you feel insecure, just like a loose tooth that falls out.
  3. Growth, loss, discovery, and development: Radical changes may be in your future. You are dealing with life events that are helping define who you are. You may be experiencing personal growth, discovering your self, the loss of something (or someone) important, or even self development. A lost tooth signifies that you are neglecting something important that is happening in your life. Acknowledge what needs your attention – more often than not, it is yourself that needs attention. Treat yourself well in order to be well.
  4. Worrisome dilemmas: Sometimes it is just too hard to make a choice. Choices have consequences and it can be stressful to try to figure out what option is the right option. Or, sometimes the option that you know is right isn’t the one you want to choose. Seeking immediate reward may feel more beneficial than thinking long term (like drinking soda!), but it is important to chew on all that is important to you and make the right decision.
  5. Hard decisions and limited options: Compromising is stressful. Sometimes you have to make a decision, and the options that are available to you aren’t the most ideal ones. Sometimes the compromise is that something is enjoyed at the cost of something else.
  6. Desire to be nurtured: Sometimes you are facing difficult decisions and could use a little guidance. Losing a tooth in a dream can signify the desire to be nourished. Sometimes we all need a loving shoulder to cry on, or someone to support us during a tough time. This is a common reaction in real life when someone loses a tooth.
  7. Safety or power concerns: Whether you are concerned about your personal safety, a loved one’s personal safety, or even have concerns about personal power, it isn’t unusual to dream about those concerns in the form of teeth. Accidents happen that are out of your control, and the feeling that you are powerless to prevent those accidents can be frustrating.
  8. Self-image: Lots of people worry about how they portray themselves. People are concerned about their personal image – both physical appearance and quality of personality. If you fear you are becoming less productive, anxious about your appearance, or maybe even your ability to stay strong, losing a tooth can symbolize that you took a bite of something nasty – self-doubt. Never doubt yourself.
  9. The birth of something new: Rebirth, or even the birth of something entirely new, can be symbolized by a tooth falling out. More often than not, your experience with a lost tooth in real life is the loss of a baby tooth to be replaced with a new, permanent tooth. If something new is hovering in the horizon, it may be represented by the loss of a tooth so that a new tooth can grow in. The loss of a job may signify a new job forming for you, or the loss of a relationship means that a stronger, more dependable one is about to present itself to you.
  10. Strength and taking control: When you are feeling like life is a little out of hand, you may dream about things (like your teeth falling out) that are out of your control. This symbolizes the desire to be back in control of your life. If you have the power to take control of your life and handle the things in front of you, you have the ability to live life to the fullest.

Remember, next time your tooth falls out in a dream, hop in your car and head to our office so we can replace that tooth and get you back to dreaming peacefully.

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