Foods That Ruin Your Teeth

Foods That Ruin Your Teeth

It makes sense that what you eat has a big impact on your body and overall health, but that still doesn’t stop people from loading up on things that are truly bad for them. But while you may finally decide to cut back on donuts or sweets because you want to watch your weight, it’s important to know that your diet also has a big impact on your oral health as well. If your dentist has suggested that you need to take better care of your teeth and gums, here are some foods that you should take out of your diet as soon as possible.


This one may pain you, but it’s important that you take coffee out of your diet if you want to have healthier teeth. Sure, coffee is great for getting the day started and helping you make it through the afternoon. However, caffeine will prohibit saliva production, which will dry out your mouth and lead to further issues with being able to cleanse your teeth properly. In addition, coffee will stain your teeth, leading to discoloration and yellowing of the tooth’s enamel. If you want to keep the enamel of your teeth looking great and feeling strong, then coffee will have to be one of the first things you nix from your daily routine.


What’s better than a cup of coffee for energy in the morning? How about a glass of wine after a stressful day at work? Wine may be good for helping you relax, but it’s not as good for your teeth. Whether you prefer red or white wine, they all have ingredients that are bad for your teeth.

Soft Drinks

If you decide to stop drinking coffee, you may run to the vending machine to grab your favorite soda instead. However, keep in mind that soft drinks, like coffee, are dark colored and also have caffeine in them. Everything that can happen to your teeth because of coffee, can also happen if you drink too many soft drinks.

Sports Drinks

Sports drinks are filled with electrolytes that make you feel good after a hard workout, but they can be hazardous to your teeth if you drink them on a dry mouth. Most sports drinks have artificial sweeteners in them, which can linger in your mouth if you are dehydrated during your workout. No coffee, no soda, and no sports drinks, it’s best if you stick to water if you want the best oral health possible.

Dried Fruits

Many fresh fruits can be great for your teeth. Take strawberries, for example. Strawberries have tiny seeds in them that can do wonders for cleansing your mouth and the surface of your teeth. However, if you prefer your fruits to be dried, you may want to think again if you are worried about your oral health. Most dried fruits are high in sugar, but they also can get stuck in-between your teeth. If you fail to brush your teeth after eating dried fruits, they can linger and bacteria will build up along your gums. While your dentist will still recommend that you eat fruits daily, you’re best going with the fresh version instead of any dried alternatives.

Dry Crackers

Some suggest that above coffee, soda, and dried fruits, dry crackers may actually be the worst possible food for your oral health. Crackers are high in starch, which is a type of sugar that will get sticky in your mouth. In addition, crackers will typically dry your mouth out, which will add to further problems if you aren’t brushing regularly.

French Fries

As delicious as French fries may be, and as easy as they are to eat when you are in a hurry, these scrumptious treats are horrendous for your teeth. Like most dried crackers, French fries are full of starch, and we already mentioned what that can do. In addition, most French fries are loaded with salt, which can get stuck in-between your teeth and cause greater issues over time.


Candy might just be one of the worst things that you can eat if you are looking for the best oral health possible. Candy that you have to suck on could gradually change the alignment of your teeth over time, and the chewing of hard items could cause your teeth to break. There is a reason that children who eat candy are more susceptible to cavities, so those that are looking to avoid issues with their teeth in the future should be sure to stay away from the candy if possible.

You may have a certain craving for certain foods or drinks out there, but you should also reconsider what it is that you are putting in your mouth if you are looking to avoid damage to your teeth and oral health.

It may be hard to monitor your diet and take out many of these foods. Some of them are great comfort foods that will make you feel better after a long day, and others may be staples that are currently part of your diet. However, while most people may change up their diet in order to look better in the mirror or drop a few pounds on the scale, it’s equally as important that you monitor what you put into your mouth if you want to have a beautiful and healthy smile that you are proud of.



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