For the Love of Soda

Why is it bad to drink soda?

Soda is really bad for your overall health unless it is consumed in serious moderation. How does it affect your health, you ask? Here are nine ways soda affects you:

  1. Soda destroys your teeth. The sugar and the acidity can ruin your teeth by causing cavities and tooth decay.
  2. Blood pressure has been linked to increased blood sugar.
  3. It makes you gain weight. If you have noticed your belly getting a little bigger, or your clothes getting a little tighter, it is because of the soda you’ve been drinking. Many people ignore how many calories they consume from their drinks. In fact, calories from soda can make up over 20 percent of the total daily calories a person consumes.
  4. Non-diet soft drinks, especially soda, can contribute to type 2 diabetes.
  5. Soda can damage your bones. People who drink soda are more likely to have osteoporosis.
  6. Soda’s high acidity causes heartburn.
  7. It can also lead to heart disease. Whether you drink diet or regular, a single can of soda a day increases your risk of metabolic syndrome (a key predecessor of heart disease and diabetes) by 48 percent.
  8. And if you are like many Americans and drink at least two sodas per day, you are increasing your risk for chronic kidney disease.
  9. Soda is linked to liver problems. A study has found that those with liver problems were more likely to drink soda.

If that didn’t scare you out of drinking soda, then here is some money motivation to kick the habit. Even suffering from just one of the consequences above can cause skyrocketing medical bills.

The average American consumes 7,304 ounces of soda a year. That’s 216 liters (more than half a liter per day). If you purchase your soda at a vending machine, that’s spending $550 per year.

A study actually links drinking diet soda to poor decisions. A study discovered that a person who drinks lots of soda was more likely to choose immediate rewards over the decision that would be better in the long term.

Alright, so now that I know it’s bad for me, how do I stop drinking soda?
So you’ve come to the conclusion that soda is bad for you and it is time to kick the habit. Here is a compilation of some of our best tips:

  1. Tap water is considered the best drink choice. Not only is the fluoridation in water good for your teeth, but it is calorie-free. Water can be spiced up with a fresh lemon, lime, orange, or even some fresh mint leaves.
  2. Find an alternative to soda like coffee or tea. They still have caffeine but are considerably less sugary.
  3. Lunch time is a great time to have homemade lemonade or iced tea.
  4. Invest in a juicer and try freshly squeezed juice, or go to the local farmer’s market or grocery store and get some fresh squeezed juice.
  5. Even beer or wine is a better alternative than soda.
  6. Scale back from soda slowly. If you drink a lot of soda a day, slowly decrease the amount. Start with replacing 3 sodas a week with a better drink of choice like water. Continue to remove soda from your diet each week. By the time you reach zero, you won’t miss soda nearly as much as if you were to quit cold turkey.
  7. Do not buy soda for the house. If you buy soda at the grocery store, leave it at the counter. Replace soda with lemonade or iced tea. That way you force yourself to remove soda from your day unless you leave the house. That makes it a lot easier to make better choices during dinner time.
  8. Remember, soda is not bad if it is enjoyed periodically. Every once in a while, a burger and fries topped with a soda is the perfect meal. Just like with dieting, remember it is okay to indulge every once in a while. The trick is moderation.

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