Toddlers and Teeth Brushing

Toddlers and Teeth Brushing

Teeth brushing is a very important habit to keep if you plan on having good oral and dental health; brushing helps prevent tooth decay and eliminates plaque buildup. All adults know this, however most children see teeth brushing as a burdensome or unpleasant activity. When they are old enough to understand that it is important to brush their teeth they will do it on their own. However, while in their formative toddler years, they need a little bit of help from an adult to ensure proper oral health.

Brushing a toddler’s teeth can prove to be more than a little bit challenging. Because they don’t understand the importance of brushing their teeth, oftentimes they will stubbornly resist having their teeth brushed. This article will detail some helpful tips for getting your little one excited for brushing their teeth.

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How Can I get my Toddler to Brush?

  • Don’t expect too much: The first step you can take towards getting junior to take care of his pearly whites is just to take it slow; don’t expect your toddler to become an expert brusher overnight. You have had your entire life to learn how to brush your teeth. Your child has not had that same luxury.
  • Let them choose their gear: During their formative years, it is very important to children to have a sense of independence and agency. Forcing them to include brushing in their routine can make their sense of independence feel threatened. One way to combat this is to give them a choice; make brushing mandatory, but let them choose their own toothbrush and toothpaste if you choose to use it. The features of a toothbrush typically do not matter as much to a child as the character that is pictured on it.
  • Try something new: Whether you are using a spinning, battery powered toothbrush or simply using a new flavor of toothpaste, the addition of a novel aspect to the brushing process can help keep your child excited about brushing.
  • Never Force it: If these tips do not work for you, don’t try to force your child to brush their teeth. Having a foreign object forced into and manipulated inside your mouth can be a traumatic experience that will make them never want to brush their teeth again. Avoid this if at all possible.
  • Talk to your Dentist: During your next visit to the dentist, talk to him or her privately and ask them to praise your child for proper brushing and encourage them to continue good oral health habits. The approval and recognition from another authority figure can really help to encourage continued teeth brushing.
  • Make Brushing a Group Activity: Brushing your teeth with your child both encourages them to spend time with you, but more importantly, it reinforces a routine and serves as an example of proper brushing technique for your child.


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