Tooth Fairy Financial Update: Remember when $1 was enough?

The Tooth Fairy

Who doesn’t love the Tooth Fairy? The fairy comes and leaves us easy money in exchange for a tooth that is no longer useful. That’s a great deal!

The Tooth Fairy has become increasingly popular. In fact, an astonishing 93 percent of children in the United States get a visit from the Tooth Fairy for their lost teeth.

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Remember the excitement of the Tooth Fairy?

Remember the excitement behind losing a tooth? The second it wiggled even a little, you were pushing it and pulling it with your fingers until soon enough the tooth was loose enough to wiggle with your tongue. By the time you got home, you had a new tooth to show your parents. And at night, you put that tooth under your pillow and had wonderful dreams about what the Tooth Fairy would leave you.

I bet you never questioned what the Tooth Fairy did with all those teeth. I bet you never wondered if the Tooth Fairy left the same amount for you as she did for other kids. I bet you never panicked that you lost a bone that was a crucial body part up until it became loose.

Why didn’t you question it? Because the magic of the Tooth Fairy was enough of an explanation to overshadow those seemingly silly questions.

How much is the going rate for a lost tooth now?

Remember when a nice dollar bill showed up under your pillow after you put a tooth underneath it? Well it turns out that the Tooth Fairy compensates for inflation.

The Tooth Fairy seems to have extra cash lying around in comparison to when we were kids. Children these days are experiencing some serious cash flow from that little fairy.

In the 1990s, kids were getting $1 per tooth from the Tooth Fairy. A dollar in 1990 is the same as $1.78 in 2013. You would think that children would then be getting $1.78 per tooth in 2013.

Well, the number is a whole lot more than $1.78. In fact, kids are getting paid more than three and a half times what than they did in the ‘90s.

The average rate per tooth for 2014 is $3.70!

I guess the Tooth Fairy not only compensated for inflation, but also doubled the reward for those pearly whites.

Interestingly enough, the price per tooth can also be broken down per region. The Northeast part of the United States actually sees about $4.10 on average for a tooth while the Midwestern children are only getting $3.30 per tooth.

If this trend continues, who knows how much the Tooth Fairy will be in debt by the time our kids are having kids.

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