Cosmetic Dentistry

Get Your Dream Smile!

As much as 80% of U.S. teens are receiving orthodontic treatment. Even if you were born with a perfect smile, it would be difficult to maintain. Many daily activities carry the potential to cause damage to your mouth or your teeth. You can stain your teeth with coffee, tea, or cigarettes. You can damage your teeth or mouth through a biting accident or a fall. If you are not happy with your current smile, you are part of a large crowd. Many folks wish that they could improve their smile. There are many treatments that can brighten your smile and make a better first impression. Tremendous advancements in the field of cosmetic dentistry have provided many great opportunities for giving you a dream smile. Cosmetic dentistry is simply dental work that is done for the purpose of improving the aesthetic value of your smile. Nearly every patient will receive the benefit of cosmetic dentistry at some point. At Genuine Family Dentistry, we work to ensure that you get the best treatment with the greatest results. We are experts at producing a beautiful smile that will leave you feeling more than satisfied.

Who Needs Cosmetic Dentistry?

If you would like a nicer smile, then you are a candidate for cosmetic dentistry. From fixing chipped teeth to whitening stained teeth, the staff at Genuine Family Dentistry takes great pride in helping you look your best. We can accomplish this through top quality porcelain veneers, tooth bonding, whitening, and contours. This may involve small cosmetic changes, or it may involve completely revamping your smile. It is our mission to give you the greatest result possible and a smile that will make you confident. We will help you schedule appointments that provide the least interruption of your lifestyle. Our goal is to make the entire process simple and efficient.

What is the Cost of Cosmetic Dentistry?

There are options to meet the need of each patient’s financial situation. We will work within your comfort zone to help you reach your cosmetic goals. We can find a payment arrangement that will not be stressful for you. We definitely do not want money to keep you from having the smile of your dreams. Many insurance providers only cover necessary dental procedures such as emergency dental surgeries; however, some will cover cosmetic dentistry. If your insurance does not, we will make every effort to find a satisfactory solution for you.

Whatever your cosmetic dentistry needs may be, Dr. Paul Anthanasius and his staff will provide competent, quality work that will leave you smiling. Call us today and schedule a consultation. Your only regret will be that you waited until now!

Dr. Paul Anthanasius is a proud member in good standing at the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.