Upper or Lower Arch

upper or lower arch replacement

A mouth is made up of two arches: lower and upper arch. A Full Arch Replacement is a prosthetic bridge placed on 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 implants. The minimum number of implants to support a Full Arch Replacement is 4, and is commonly referred to as All-on-Four®.

The entire upper or lower jaw gets a makeover and the results are completely life-changing. 

When too many teeth are decayed or missing, a Full Arch Replacement can restore the integrity of the jaw and provide outstanding permanent results.

The All-on-X Method (commonly referred to as All-on-Four®) is a brand name for this type of procedure, and it means that the prosthetic bridge is anchored on a certain number of implants. 

This method is advantageous in that not every tooth in the bridge has to have an artificial root. 

With a customized number of dental implants, the bridge is able to securely fit into the patient’s jawbone, minimizing chances of movement.

digital 3d implants

Dr. Paul Athanasius’ use of 3D dental implant planning and placement results in unparalleled precision, matching his meticulous perfectionism in your mouth.

before and after

Behind each of these photos are Dr. Paul’s meticulous skill, attention to detail, craftmanship, and a patient’s life transformed.

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Dr. Paul Athanasius offers transparency and is a leader in providing honest and genuine care. There is big-chain dentistry with multiple offices and doctors, and there is Genuine Family Dentistry, which is a boutique cutting-edge dental practice run by one doctor.  Dr. Paul Athanasius treats each patient with care and individualized attention, helping them make educated choices in the treatments options. Make time now to request appointment in the form below and see how Genuine Family Dentistry can meet all your dental needs!

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