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A root canal treatment removes inflamed or infected pulp on the inside of the tooth, disinfects the areas, and then fills and seals the tooth. By eliminating bacteria, the natural tooth can be saved. 

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Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy requires at least two appointments. The first appointment will consist of numbing the affected area, isolating the infected tooth, and removing the infected pulp, nerve tissue, and bacteria. Dr. Paul Athanasius will check for serious tooth decay and remove it. The cleaned tooth will then be sealed with a permanent or temporary filling depending on the follow-up visits expected by the dentist.

The second appointment will usually take place a week later. At this time, the roots and cavity inside the affected tooth will be filled and permanently sealed. An additional filling will be placed to cover the opening in the tooth and a crown will likely be placed in order to restore full function. This crown will also prevent further infection and protect the treated tooth from breaking.

If you are experiencing a severe toothache, contact us today and let us help you if root canal therapy is necessary for you.

1Heal your tooth by removing the infected nerves

2Save and strengthen your tooth

3Preserve the function of both the infected tooth and the surrounding teeth

4Eliminate the need to extract your tooth

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providing root canal therapy

A toothache is trying to tell you something. You may have an infection as a result of tooth decay or trauma to your tooth. There is a natural cavity within your tooth (commonly called a root canal) which contains the nerve of your tooth. Inflammation within that canal is often the source of your toothache. Be aware of the symptoms that may signal the need for a root canal treatment. 

  • Radiating pain throughout your jaw
  • Sharp, immediate pain when biting down or chewing
  • Dull, lingering pain after eating hot/cold foods
  • Pressure and dull aching within your tooth and surrounding gums
  • Swollen and tender gums

If you are noticing any of these symptoms, do not wait to call and schedule an appointment. Action is needed soon to save that tooth.

If Dr. Paul Athanasius determines that a root canal therapy is needed, the tissue inside your tooth, the nerves, the bacteria, and the tooth decay are all removed. The space that is left will be filled with medicated materials in order to restore the function of your tooth. This procedure will eliminate the need to extract your tooth. In many cases, it will also save you from more expensive procedures at a later date as well as from more severe damage to your surrounding teeth.

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