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If you have lost a tooth or several teeth for any reason, the ultimate solution is a dental implant. This treatment begins with the surgical implanting of a titanium post into your jaw. The embedded post serves as a root for the attachment of dentures, crowns, or bridges. The implant is an artificial root for restored teeth. This is a more comfortable and practical solution than a removable partial denture. Most patients find this solution to be far more attractive. Dr. Paul Athanasius and his staff at Genuine Family Dentistry provide quality dental implant treatment for the Orange, CA, community. With the proper maintenance, dental implants can provide restored function and a natural look for a lifetime.

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A dental implant is placed using a 3-step process. First, a titanium post is fused to your jawbone to function as a root for your new tooth. This post also provides a very strong foundation for the implant. Next, an abutment is attached to the post to act as a solid platform for the replacement tooth. Finally, a prosthetic tooth is individually crafted to match the rest of your natural teeth. The overall look is a very natural smile!

You can enhance your oral health with dental implants. 

  • Your bone and gum tissue is restored
  • The new implanted tooth root preserves and stimulates bone and gum tissue
  • Eventually, your bone tissue will fully integrate with your new dental implant
  • By stabilizing your mouth and tooth structure, dental implants enhance your overall oral health.

1Dental Implants help preserve your youthful appearance by protecting and strengthening the bone structure.

2Dental implants can be matched perfectly to your natural teeth.

3Dental implants will allow you to speak, eat, smile, and laugh without reserve! No risk of them slipping or falling out.

4Dental implants will last a lifetime if they are cared for properly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The process of fusing the titanium posts to the jawbone is the lengthiest part of the treatment. This part takes between 3-6 months. Once that step is completed, you will get your final restorations attached to the posts.

If you are missing one or more teeth, you are a good candidate for dental implants. If a patient has let missing teeth remain untreated for a while, it may be more difficult for them to use dental implants due to the additional amount of bone material that will be required. In these situations, however, it is possible that a bone graft can be recommended.

The precision required for dental implant placement requires the work of a skilled and knowledgeable dentist. Dr. Paul Athanasius has developed the knowledge and skill required to provide excellent dental implant treatment for those in the Orange, CA, community. Please contact the staff at Genuine Family Dentistry and arrange a consultation today!

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