Multitooth Implant

multitooth implant

Multitooth implants restore several teeth at a time, but not the entire jaw. Think of this procedure as a hybrid form of Single Tooth Implants and a Full Arch Replacement.  

Advanced techniques, training, and skills are required in order establish a healthy relationship between the natural and artificial teeth.  Dr. Paul Athanasius delivers his expertise and knowledge in an individualized manner that is custom designed for each patient.  His advanced surgical training that follows his digital design has resulted in natural looking, healthy smiles. 

why genuine family dentistry

Dr. Paul Athanasius offers transparency and is a leader in providing honest and genuine care. There is big-chain dentistry with multiple offices and doctors, and there is Genuine Family Dentistry, which is a boutique cutting-edge dental practice run by one doctor.  Dr. Paul Athanasius treats each patient with care and individualized attention, helping them make educated choices in the treatments options. Make time now to request appointment in the form below and see how Genuine Family Dentistry can meet all your dental needs!

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