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Oral surgery is indeed an art and a science. Dr. Paul Athanasius is known for his ability to deal with more complex situations involving impacted wisdom teeth. Many times his elder colleagues have commented on his excellent work in performing complicated wisdom teeth extractions. Dr. Athanasius has the talent to demonstrate that pulling teeth does not have to be like “pulling teeth”! 

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Removal of impacted wisdom teeth is only one of the many services offered at Genuine Family Dentistry, as well as pre-prosthetic surgery. These are procedures that prepare the mouth for full or partial dentures. The surgery may include the removal of excess bone or gum, bone ridge reduction, or bone leveling and reshaping. If you are in need of dentures, Dr. Paul Athanasius is the man you want to perform the preparatory operation. Call today for a consultation.

Genuine Family Dentistry provides the following oral surgery services for the Orange, CA community:

  • Impacted Wisdom Teeth Removal
  • Pre-prosthetic Surgery
  • Surgical Extractions
  • Bone Grafting

1Every wisdom tooth is different. Some become trapped or impacted.

2Impacted wisdom teeth are the source of pain, swelling of gums, bad breath, bleeding gums, infection, and even headaches. 

3Impacted wisdom teeth can cause damage to surrounding teeth as well. Even when they are not causing discomfort because of being crowded or impacted, they are often hard to clean and very prone to tooth decay.

4Oral Surgery becomes becomes necessary when a wisdom tooth lacks the space it needs to properly emerge.

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"Dr. Paul has a good manner with his patients and takes his time with you. He takes care to explain the procedures, something most dentists don't do. My coworkers recommended, and I am glad I listened."

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Dr. Paul Athanasius offers transparency and is a leader in providing honest and genuine care. There is big-chain dentistry with multiple offices and doctors, and there is Genuine Family Dentistry, which is a boutique cutting-edge dental practice run by one doctor.  Dr. Paul Athanasius treats each patient with care and individualized attention, helping them make educated choices in the treatments options. Make time now to request appointment in the form below and see how Genuine Family Dentistry can meet all your dental needs!

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